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such a horrible truth

2011-07-11 04:37:32 by LeonOfBlain

I hate cell phone bills

2011-07-10 18:45:33 by LeonOfBlain

here's a tip about how to get free service for your smartphone

-android phone
-google account
-house phone (only needed for setup)
-WiFi Connection
-$3.99 on a card

-its free in the sense that you are not paying a cellular provider
-free text
-free calls
-Free Data (since you're using wifi)

-cannot be used when wifi is not available
-voice sometimes lags during voice calls
-cannot send/recieve picture messages unless its through email

::you may use either a brand new or existing android phone but brand new phones will need to bypass the initial setup (at least i had to when using my moto droid) then put their google account in manually through settings.

::on a computer, login into google voice and get a phone number. you must use an existing number to activate google voice. i used my house phone to do so.

::from google voice settings forward calls to google chat.

::use android market to download an app called GrooVeIP for $3.99

::enter in your google credentials to GrooVeIP

for more info check out these guys

alternatively if you dont want to be stuck using wifi all the time, look into some data only plans from your cell phone's cellular provider.

forum question

2011-07-09 04:54:10 by LeonOfBlain

I love physics and quantum mechanics I'll be the first to admit I dont even have my first step to a generally acceptable "you know about physics". but what i love about it is that human language formulas attempt to explain with great accuracy the answer to the "neverending why". so my current thought is this: is it possible that the phenomena of thought is itself a dimension and also is it not a similar if not the same dimension as the environment of electrical impulses we designed as computers?

The Story of Aaryl

2010-08-17 04:26:24 by LeonOfBlain

here's a story for anyone to use, copy, modify, retell and share with others as long as i get credit somewhere in it.

I'll correct mistakes in it this later

In the darkest corners of her town resided aaryl. A once beautiful woman who's psyche was shattered when she was raped by a group of bandits. From that day forth she no longer stayed at the place she was born. Instead she became obsessed with living in the shadows for it was the comfortable reflection of her soul now enshrouded by her hate, vengefulness and shame. One day she had found her attackers and killed them and all who resided with them. she became overcome with emotional pains, satisfaction of revenge, and shame of having taken the life of other humans and her soul further darkened to an unholy pitch. she reasoned that everyone in the city must die for knowing these men who had raped her and over the next 3 days killed all the residents of the town including priests children and city patriarchs.

Finally when none were left she becames sensible and she had realized what she had done. she ran to the highest peak on the vicinity and called out to god.

My creator!, she yelled. I have done the most horrible things to my fellow man. But for allowing me my vengeance i am most grateful, for your generosity is most beautiful. I am ready to die so strike me down.

The sky opened and god appeared with many stars swirling about him. Aaryl floated high to God's right hand, while the angels hummed a heavenly tune.

God had been watching aaryl all her life. The bandits had always been destined to have their wicked souls destroyed by one of their victims. However in doing so aaryl's soul became defiled.

Though her soul was tainted, god still loved her so.

God spoke, my beloved child for your crimes against my children you will be bound the the earth for 1000 years you will never die until your body naturally returns to the earth. No poison will hurt you and no mortal wound will take your soul. Though your body may lose function, your mind will never cease. I Will be with you my child.

The sky closed and aaryl stood once again alone at the peak.

Her body felt numb. she quickly ran down the peak losing control. She tripped and fell into a thorny plant and was covered with many needles. Much to her surprise she felt no pain. She pondered for a moment but decided to rest for the night. And there she fell asleep. The next morning she awoke to her surprise, realized she no longer could move her limbs for infection had spread while she slept and rendered her limbs useless. For days she bore witness to the decay of her flesh. Though without pain, it frightened and angered her and she forsake god's name as she suddenly realized the extent of the curse god had put over her. Many days passed and she deteriorated even further, bearing witness to the intricate ways life works. As she decayed her body became the ground and the ground gave life to the earth and her life became sustanance for the plants and trees which then became the energy for the animals and humans. and always she stayed watching. she began to see the beauty of the life her body created and god's fantastically simple blueprint of life. Particles become elements. elements become molecules. Molecules become dna. Dna become cells. Cells become tissues. Tissues become organs. Organs become a body and when a body dies everything returns to elements. She realized that god's genorosity was not most beautiful when compared to the beautiful way in which god's structure of life worked. With this she praised god for his beautifully structured world and her soul became purified. With her soul purified, god once again parted the sky and her soul rose up to his right hand. Aaryl, my child, here you have stayed for a thousand years and witnessed my work and have been purified once again. You may now join me in the kingdom of heaven where you shall sit with me in my home and be forever joyous. As god and arryl departed, the sky closed and she became saintly.

Written By: Alfredo L. Graciano (2010)

New music coming soon!

2009-01-20 14:57:04 by LeonOfBlain

i haven't made a techno song in almost a year now! so starting at 2am last night i'm working on a new semi techno (electro?) song called "i hate me" it'll be worth the wait with dramatic undertones, rising overatures and accellerating note patterns. in the mean time go check out some of the other musics i made.

New songs for the creepy and eerie crowd

2009-01-13 15:29:03 by LeonOfBlain

the first song is called damage trip. no real reason why it's called that. just sounded neat at the time. the second is called demoralized. these are my attempts at making what sound to me like trip hop songs kinda in the style of portishead and emilana torrini. both make very good music to listen to. anyway let me know what ya think!

Damage Trip


also here's some of my older ones to compare to. see there?! it's growth! Growth I Tells ya!


Right Hand of the Wrong Person


New song!!......and style?

2008-12-19 02:53:55 by LeonOfBlain

This time around I made something very different from my past music styles listen to it Here and tell me what ya think of it.....even if you hate it =)

I made a couple of (what i think are) techno songs. please listen and let me know what i can improve upon and/or how it sounds in your opinion (good, bad, okay, or stay away from computers forever lol)

something neato

2008-01-28 05:23:50 by LeonOfBlain

i put new music up in my music section and it's surprisingly different from my first posted song! these ones are techno! TECHNO!

I have an idea

2007-12-17 03:47:56 by LeonOfBlain

I have an idea that's maybe not so original but i'd like to know if there's a way one of you VERY talented animators could take a story i'm writing and animate it. if you're interested reply and i'll tell you the details.